Rio Maggio wines come from this way of thinking: the wine is obtained from a mixture of territory, soil, work, parfumes, attention and its soul has to be respected.

The philosophy of the company is based on respecting the single plant and aims at the production of "wine into vineyard", thanks to repeated passages during the harvest to select the best grapes.

Quality and natural character of the wine are the bases of company's philosohpy. It is supported by important choises, like the hand picking, the limited use of sulphites and products with low environmental impact and careful vinification tecniques.

These values are reflected into a real commitment, care for details and consequently into a high quality wine.
Rio Maggio

  "I like to smell our wines and notice their changements during years to bring the perception of their character, soul and long-lasting taste.
These parfumes had enriched and given meaning to my life, I don’t care if I have to sweat and work hard as a man or even more to obtain them: the important thing is to be able to preserve them as long as possible inside a bottle, with the hope that they can represent more and more the terroir that Simone and I have created just for them."

Tiziana Santucci
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