Territory: Le Marche

Le Marche is a land characterized by hills and valleys extending from the Apennines to the sea, a land rich in natural beauties, historical and architectural treasures.
A various and nice landscape with the alternation of cultivated fields, woods and medieval towns that represent the close bond between people and their land and history.

The vineyards with their the plants contribute to make the landscape a fascinating sight for the visitors and also for those who have always been living here.
The hills are just the best place to cultivate vineyards and produce excellent grapes. The brightness of the sun and its heat express themselves with high sugar content in the most and delicate smells, necessary to obtain good wines, spread all over the region.

The wine making is fragmented as practiced by very small or medium companies that are now emerging, offering a wide range of oenologic proposal:
Rio Maggio represents one of the most important winery in the region, located in the area of Fermo district.

The region has twenty thousand hectares of vineyards and about one third of them is dedicated to DOC wines production.

The wine making in Le Marche has a short story and the small entrepreneurs were able to make fruitful the precious heritage of the countryside.

Rio Maggio has used its experience to put together tradition and territory with innovation to grow and emerge into the international scene. It is a careful work of research and development, carried on with dedition and strong will by Simone and Tiziana Santucci.



"If you would like to indicate the most typical Italian landscape, you should say Le Marche… Italy, thanks to its various landscapes, is a mirror of the world, Le Marche a mirror of Italy."

G. Piovene, Viaggio in Italia, 1957
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