riomaggio_storia1Our history begins with Graziano Santucci, founder of the company in 1976, who dedicated to his vineyards passion and care.
Rio Maggio was born from the deep love for the ground and the territory. It rose as a small company with a strong attention to tradition, based on the knowledge that Graziano taught to his son Simone.
As his father died, Simone Santucci, with his wife Tiziana, took over the company trying to make the potential of his countryside successful and fruitful and to spread worldwidely the quality of the wine that comes from our territory.

 Simone and Tiziana were the forerunner realizing the cultivation of specialized vineyards in this area. They  implanted vineyards for the prodcution of two important D.O.C. wines of the region Le Marche, especially for the area between the districts of Ascoli Piceno and Macerata: Rosso Piceno and Falerio dei Colli Ascolani.
During these thirty years of activity Rio Maggio gained a top position through local companies.
Since 1997 Simone and Tiziana have been working with enthusiasm, following their instinct to make their dream come true: produce great wines and turn the small family-run company into an appreciated and wordwidly known brand.
Today this dream is Rio Maggio’s reality.


Rio Maggio is a family run business, young and dinamic, that has always been taking care about the environment and respecting the single identity of every single vineyard.
The production is nowadays expanding as the brand has become the symbol of an high quality wine.

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